Half Arabian Club of Washington
Snohomish, Washington


  Scholarship Program

The Half Arab Club of Washington is proud to announce this years winners of its scholarship program.  

My name is Charlotte Zimmerman, and I won one of the $500 scholarships from the Half Arabian Club earlier this year! I cannot say how grateful I am to have the opportunity to use this money towards my running start expenses. Even though running start pays for my classes, it does not cover the cost of books. Additionally, being as ambitious as I am, I have been taking more classes than my high school, Glacier Peak, pays for so that I can earn my Associates Degree this June when I graduate from high school. My high school pays for up to 15 credits (3 classes) each quarter which is considered full time. However, I am taking 21 credits this spring (5 classes). I definitely have my work cut out for me!

A little about my future plans… I am going to attend Gonzaga University this fall for my Bachelor’s Degree. Although I am not completely sure what I want to major in, I am interested in business and biology. After I graduate from Gonzaga, I hope to attend a Law school out of state (preferably California) or get a master’s degree.


A little about myself… I have been riding since I was 8 years old (almost 10 years) and my family owns 3 horses. One of these horses is mine; a purebred Arabian Gelding named Kadence! I show him in the hunter division and I love him to death! Besides riding horses which is consuming most of my life, I also enjoy reading, doing art projects, and watching Netflix. I also do a lot of extracurricular activities including running a committee in my high school’s national honors society, being the reporter for the Washington State Quarter Horse Youth Association, and being the vice director for the Region 5 Arabian Youth Club.






My name is Capucine Zimmerman. I am beyond thankful to be receiving a $500 scholarship from the Half-Arabian Club of Washington. As a high school student enrolled in the Running Start program this scholarship money will greatly benefit me. Although high school students who are enrolled in the Running Start program are fortunate to be receiving 15 free credits per quarter paid by the high school, the students are still required to pay for their books, parking passes, additional credits etc. I am in the process of receiving an Associate’s Degree in Integrated Science this June 2015 from Cascadia Community College. It has taken a lot of work and extra money to make this happen. In order to be getting my AA degree I had to take extra credits which were not covered by the school. I will be able to use this $500 scholarship and apply it to my Running Start expenses.

     Some of my future plans: I am very excited and looking forward to be attending Gonzaga University starting fall of 2015. Although my major is still undecided, I do plan on going to law school after Gonzaga—specifically I am hoping to go to Berkeley.

     I plan to continue riding and showing my Quarter Horse gelding Cruise during break. When I first started riding horses at the age of 8, I rode an Arabian who taught me my foundation skills for riding. I am honored to be a part of this club and to be receiving this scholarship.